About Kids World

Kids World Playschool was founded in 2008 by Lori and Asko Kautonen. We are a small private English language Kindergarten. We offer a warm and homelike environment where children can get individual attention as well as participate in a group. Our main objective is the happiness and comfort of every child.

Our small wooden house with a warm and personal interior encourages this idea. Our intimate environment allows brothers and sisters to be together and encourages friendships to develop among the different age groups, as we provide care and education for children 2-6 years old. We are located in the beautiful forest of Tähden Maja in Perttula. Its idyllic setting allows children and staff to feel relaxed in their surroundings.




Mission statement

We are a small family oriented daycare with hopes of building personal relationships with families. Our vision grew out of the idea to have a unique place where children can learn and grow in a creative and natural environment while learning another language.

This idea is an extension of our own lives as there is nothing we love more than being together as a family and playing with our own children. We love to be outside among nature and spend a lot of time creating projects and playing sports. Our playschool was founded on the principle that children can learn all necessary skills needed in school and in life through art and play.

Education through art and play allows children to grow and develop in a creative and natural way without the pressure of formal lessons. This concept promotes that a child will obtain all traditional skills expected from an early childhood program but the focus will not be on the skill to be learned but on the wellbeing of the child as a whole and their creative development. Our concept of learning through play, art, nature and nurture provides children with the means to learn at their own pace and in a fun and stress-free manner. Our main instruction is in English language. The language immersion method facilitates the child’s basic communication in English. We do however use Finnish at times so as to always put first the child’s sense of security and wellbeing and also to provide Finnish language requirements to our pre-schoolers.

Our Pledge of Quality

Quality of care– basic care of hygiene and physical needs, paying attention to details and making the child feel that they are being cared for and made to feel safe.

Quality of communication– among the staff members, between the staff and parents and with the children. Ensuring that we are working together with the parents in a common effort, with common goals and expectations of what is best for each child and family and taking into account each family’s personal history, culture and lifestyle.

Quality of education– that we plan age appropriately and that we know how to execute our plans. That our own actions set an example for children to follow. That we give sufficient supervision in all activities and play. That children have a voice and are given enough time and space to explore. That we, staff members, are able to carry out our goals in a professional manner.

Quality of facility– that the space is safe! That it is tidy and free from clutter and arranged according to our needs. That the furniture is clean and working properly. That the toys are kept together in sets and no parts are broken or missing. That there are no ‘danger zones’ so that children can move around the space freely and safely and can’t wander into unsupervised areas both indoors and outdoors. That the toys are kept together in sets and no parts are broken or missing (it is up to everyone to see that the toys are cared for and in a joint effort with the children). That the teacher materials are kept organized so that everyone can locate what they need.