Curriculum and activities

Activities: art, music, drama, sports, baking and free play.

Special Events: forest circle, library bus, ice skating, skiing, summer camp, fieldtrips.

Parties: Mother’s and Father’s day breakfast, Halloween and Vappu costume party, Laskiainen Saturday for family and friends, Easter and Christmas celebrations for the whole family and an end of the term Spring Party!

All of our educational activities are centered around fun with the focus on play! Our natural surrounding provides a beautiful setting for spending time outdoors.

We take weekly trips to the forest where we learn about nature from our friendly forest troll.

We gain self-confidence and self-expression through our weekly drama club where we have fun acting and sounding out our favorite animal or learn facts about the universe and other topics with fun songs and action games.

We sing throughout the day but it is added fun to put our lyrics to rhythm as we learn to use instruments in our weekly music club.

We explore the joy of our senses of taste, touch and smell, as well as practice measuring and counting in ourbaking Fridays.

Large motor skills, following rules and taking turns are all fine-turned during participation in our fun sportsactivities.

Arts and crafts provide an opportunity to learn and develop on many levels. Some of the benefits include: creativity, self-expression and confidence, concentration, emotional development, fine motor skills, social skills, listening and communication skills, problem solving skills, patience and acceptance of other cultures and the world around us, and promotes congnitive development.

Every child has the possibility to participate in all of the activites we offer and all activities are guaranteed to be age appropiate with the focus on fun!

Daily schedule


In very bad weather and during the very cold months, we will move the afternoon schedule 15 minutes later an dhave an afternoon circle so that we are going out after 16.00.