Staff and facilities


Our staff members are very caring and motivated and highly skilled to carry out activities with young children. Our focus is on nurture in that we are first caring for the child so that they can enjoy freely all the diverse activities we offer. Our emphasis on play makes learning fun and carefree!

Our Staff Members:

Lori Gaddy Kautonen – Founder and director. Master of Fine Arts specializes in arts and crafts education with focus on early childhood development.

Asko Kautonen – Co-founder, facility care-taker and safety coordinator.

Our staff members consists of friendly and caring professionals who are highly motivated and skilled to care for young children.



Our facilities offer a safe and home like environment with great access to nature. We are located in a small wooden house in the countryside of Perttula (conveniently only 2 km from 132). We have 25 places for children ages 2-6 years old.

Our own nature trails and campfire give us the opportunity to play among nature and enjoy the fresh air as we spend a lot of time outdoors!

During winter we have our own ice skating and skiing facilities and offer daily activities, as well as a chance for families to get together and enjoy the fun and facilities!

During the month of June we offer outside activities in a relaxed camp like setting with an emphasis on fun in the sun! In the past these activities have included: hiking in the forest for snack and storytime; arts & crafts created in our forest and football (soccer) camp!

The small home like setting of our playschool gives brothers and sisters a chance to be together throughout the day and allows for small group interaction and individual attention!